Managing large IT projects has never been tougher

Information technology is critical for business and government. Technology improves decision making, enables new products and services, reduces cost, and improves customer service. But, managing the projects that deliver this technology is a major challenge:

  • technology is more and more complex with big data, cloud solutions, mobility, cyber security, etc.,
  • expectations of users and customers are getting higher, shaped in part by experiences with companies such as Google and Apple,
  • new approaches for software development, such as Agile, have come on the scene, and
  • there is increasing budget pressure (“do more with less”) and greater penalties for cost overruns.

The WGK Group helps meet the project management challenge

Experienced project manager consulting with a team.The mission of the WGK Group is to help our clients improve their success in managing large, complex IT projects. We focus exclusively on project management. We assist our clients by:

  • enhancing the skills of project managers through group workshops and individual coaching,
  • assessing the health of critical projects,
  • identifying opportunities to improve project management processes,
  • establishing and enhancing Project Management Offices (PMO’s), and
  • providing senior project managers.

We help our clients:

  • realize the business benefits of technology more quickly,
  • meet the expectations of key stakeholders,
  • make decisions based on accurate information,
  • meet financial goals,
  • improve morale, and
  • enhance the reputation of the IT team.