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Why We Underestimate Large IT Projects and What To Do About It

Congratulations!  You are the Project Manager for the multimillion dollar software project that will give your business a huge competitive advantage. You just completed the planning phase. You worked with the software, DBA, networking, QA, and other teams to develop the schedule and cost estimates based on the project scope and the work breakdown structure. [...]

Why Project Managers Should Monitor the Technology Hype Cycle

As a project manager, do you know where your project’s technology is on the technology hype cycle? Should you? The Gartner Group introduced the technology hype cycle in 1995. They use it to track the “common pattern of over-enthusiasm, disillusionment, and eventual realism” with the adoption of new technology. If you haven’t seen the hype cycle, [...]

How Much Technical Knowledge does a Project Manager Need?

CIO recently published an article titled “7 Must-Have Project Management Skills for IT Pros.” The author asks “How can you tell a good project manager from a bad one?” She goes on to say that these are the “seven skills to be effective and successful.”