Project Health Assessment

Does your organization have one or more “can’t fail” projects? Are you completely comfortable that everything is on track and that all the key stakeholders’ expectations will be met? Do you have a key project that is beginning to show troubling signs such as missed deliverable dates or escalating cost estimates?

The WGK Group can provide an objective review to accurately assess current status and likely outcomes.

proj_health_wgk_wpOur team will review the history and current state of your project including:

  • processes – for monitoring and control, risk management, scope management, etc.,
  • current status,
  • stakeholder expectations and impressions,
  • communications,
  • quality management,
  • resource usage, and
  • current plans.

We will then identify any issues, risks, or concerns based on the assessment. If we identify any problems we will develop recommendations for addressing the problems. We will then review our findings with the project’s leadership. We can also assist with the implementation of solutions.

Conducting a project health assessment of your most critical or at risk project(s) will allow you to rest easier knowing that you truly understand the situation.

Please contact us to discuss your needs for project health assessment.