Project Manager Development Workshops

Do you have a team of project managers that you would like to develop further – to take to the next level? Are there skills you would like to enhance before the next critical project? Have some PMs struggled with large projects with lots of visibility in the executive suite?

services_wgk_wpThe WGK Group offers advanced project manager development workshops.

These sessions are not traditional project manager training covering subjects such as preparing for PMP certification or the basics of project planning and monitoring. There are numerous sources for that type of training.

These workshops focus on developing the skills needed to manage the largest, most critical projects such as:

  • stakeholder management,
  • vendor management,
  • negotiating,
  • executive communications, and
  • leadership.

Our project manager development workshops are tailored to your situation. We develop the objectives and curriculum based on your specific needs. This ensures you get the professional development your project managers need to be successful in your environment.

Please contact us to discuss your needs for project manager development workshops.